Before you build something on Australian soil, there are a number of prerequisites to fulfil. If you have failed to fulfil at least one of them, you won’t be able to even apply for a building permit. This is the reason why all the construction companies pay extensive attention for the part where they deal with both planning and building permits. It doesn’t matter where you were building a house for you’re, renovating or developing it, or even was planning to construct a multi storey building, this process is mandatory. Since you don’t want your proposal to get rejected (again)…

Here are 4 top mistakes that you need to avoid at all times.

Lacking critical and important information

When it comes to the initial stage, there are two important components that you need to consider. The first one is the application documents and the other one is the proposal. Since the council will be reviewing these documents to give you green light with a building permits, you must makes sure that you’re painting them a comprehensive picture. This means that lacking details of drawings, lacking important documents and its entries is more sabotaging than you’d assume. Hiring a skilled town planning professional would help you figure everything out at a situation like this.

Not checking up with the neighboring residents well beforehand

Once the application is checked by the council, there will be time period of two weeks in minimum where it will be advertised. This is the time duration where the public is given a chance to object if they’re affected. But there is a downside for this. Sometimes, there are people who would blindly object just because they feel like they’re affected. If you didn’t hire the right person to clarify these issues out personally with these neighbors well beforehand, proposal rejection is more or less inevitable.

Not hiring a professional to represent you at the council

The positive influence of a town planning mediation services by a person or a company to get a quick approval at the council is a real thing. In fact, you should think twice before walking into a place where you have no experience in handling.

Taking too long to resubmit a proposal

Let us assume that your proposal got rejected at the first time. One would think that since the system is much unbiased, despite how long you take, the chances that you stand on getting things approved is less whereas it is not. The sooner you resubmit with the amendments and fillings that you were instructed to do, they won’t even look at it than they did the first time because your enthusiasm lives up to it.