Installing glass shower screens to your washroom is one of the best ways to increase and enhance the look of your bathroom to a modern way however, as much as you think that a glass shower screen adds up to the bathroom, there’s a lot to be taken care of. A glass shower screen requires a lot of cleanliness and maintenance when added to a bathroom as it could either make or break the look if not properly taken care of. Let’s find out some of the cleanliness and maintenance tips you will be needing if you already have on installed in your bathroom or are planning to get one for it.

  1. Use of Vinegar- Did you know that some of the kitchen products play a vital role in killing germs and bacteria from the shower? Well, vinegar is one of them. Using a vinegar helps in removing soap scum and killing germs from the shower area of the bathroom and also helps in ensuring that it is left mold free. Just take a piece of cloth dipped with undiluted vinegar and wipe down the glass shower screens Brisbane properly with it and see the results for yourself. The same can be used for removing scum from the glass doors. If the glass is dry, make sure you wet it using some amount of regular water and then by using a squeegee, clear the water from it. Once you are done with this, take a use of spray bottle filled with vinegar and put in onto the area you want to clean. Then put regular water over it and wipe it off.
  2. Baking Soda- As mentioned earlier, kitchen products are used best not only for kitchen but other purposes as well. Another big example for this is baking soda which can help you clean the glass shower screens as well. Make a runny paste with the combination of water and baking soda and put it on a sponge or a piece of cloth. Use this along with a grease to remove the tough stains on the glass door. The same can be done on the tiles as well.
  3. Fabric Softener- Believe it or not but various types of fabric softeners are also one of the best ways to get rid of the stains and soap scum that is built on the glass doors. Take a fabric softener put it on the dry glass screen and scrub it thoroughly. This will allow to loosen the tough stains that are already there on the glass and also helps them getting lighter. Once this is done, take regular water and wipe it off carefully.