4 Ways To Up-cycle Old Furniture

Whether you are planning on redecorating your home or just don’t want to throw away a piece of furniture, up-cycling old furniture can be a great way to add new visual elements to your home without spending much. Although you might have to do some work on these pieces the end result will surely be marvellous. Here are a few ways that you can up-cycle old furniture.

Pay attention to structural integrity
Before doing anything decorative you need to make sure that the piece of furniture is strong enough. Since furniture need to withstand use it is best to test out if there are any broken parts or sections that are not too strong. Once you figure these out repair them. Most of the time this will be the hardest part. You might have to introduce new material or reinforce any joints. Once you are sure that the piece of furniture is strong enough to be used you are ready to continue.

Introduce new colours or patterns
A great way to change up old furniture is to change its colour. There are many colours and furniture for you to choose from and the best thing about this is that you can match it up to the rest of your home. Apart from the colour of the furniture, you can introduce patters as well. Whether you are changing the upholstery fabric or adding a few vinyl boards, there are many ways you can add new patterns. This is a great way to customise furniture and to create visual harmony.

New textures
On top of new colours and patters, you can also add new textures for a more subtle effect. This can take a form of something simple like making the wood grain more prominent or something more out there like introducing a few metallic elements. If you’re into more subtle things this is a good option for you.

Find new uses
Sometimes it is both fun and useful to find a whole new use for the furniture. For example, you can add some upholstery foam and fabric to an old coffee table and turn it into a comfortable stool. This is a great way to exercise your creativity and you will end up with something one of a kind.Up-cycling your old furniture is a great way to unleash your creativity in your living space and it can help make your home look truly unique. Use the ideas in this article as a guideline and do what makes you happy.